Picks for April 22, 2021

New York Mets @ Chicago Cubs (Lucchesi vs Williams)

Sweet home Chicago, home of the Cubs (and also the White Sox) which are currently taking on the new look Mets. This game has a pretty even money line according to Vegas so it could go either way. The over/under is currently sitting at 9.5 which sounds like to me that this game might come down to the bats and not so much for the pitching. As a whole it looks like the Cubs have seen Lucchesi more time than the Mets have seen Williams so I think this matchup tilts to the Cubs. This game should be a decent game to pick for hits.

NYM: Lindor, Alonso, Pillar, Conforto

CHC: Contreras, Baez, Bote, Bryant, Happ

Updated results

Hits: Alonso, Conforto, Contreras, Baez, Bryant (5)

No Hits: Lindor, Pillar, Bote (3)

Picks for April 21, 2021

Houston Astros @ Colorado Rockies (Urquidy vs Gomber)

Both of these starters don’t have a win in their column but they could nab one today. Gomber recently kept the Dodgers at bay in his last outing and only gave up 3 runs in a total of 6 innings which is decent for the Dodgers. Urquidy has been the only Astros pitcher to be able to get past the 100 pitch mark for the team. Astros should be able to win this game in a high scoring outing.

HOU: Bregman, Gurriel, McCormick, Brantley, Garcia, Correa

COL: Cron, McMahon, Trejo

Atlanta Braves @ New York Yankees (Anderson vs Kluber)

It’d be redundant to say the Yankees have not started off like their usual selves. These two teams meet with no wins for their starting record. Anderson for the Braves is less likely to give up the home run ball as he has only given up 1 so far this year. Kluber rarely has a clean outing and has permitted 16 hits in over 10 1/3 innings. Expect this game to have up to 15 hits at least.

ATL: Freeman, Albies, Riley, d’Arnaud, Camargo

NYY: LeMahieu, Judge, Urshela

Updated Results

Hits: Bregman, Gurriel, Correra, McMahon, Albies, Riley, Judge, Urshela (8)

No Hits: McCormick, Brantley, Cron, Freeman, d’Arnaud, LeMahieu (6)

Picks for April 17, 2021

Minnesota Twins @ LA Angels (Shoemaker vs Quintana)

Both of these teams had offensive explosions in the last game totaling in 22 hits and 13 runs. I expect this trend to continue today as the rough pitcher Quintana is attempting to bounce back after only being out for an inning and an out last game. Shoemaker gets the upper hand in this matchup but it might be closer than others expect with the Angels bats keeping this one in the game.

MIN: Buxton, Cave, Donaldson, Polanco, Sano

LAA: Trout, Pujos, Upton

PPD from yesterday: NY Mets @ Colorado Rockies (deGrom vs Gonzalez)

DeGrom is coming off of an extra day of rest thanks to the rainy weather. He should be primed to go in the Mile High city come Friday night. DeGrom has been red hot to start the year so Monty expect huge numbers from the Rockies today. Gonzalez on the other hand should be able to give up some hits in his home stadium. Gonzalez has a problem letting runners get on the base paths which can create problems for his team. Look for the Mets to utilize this to get some nice line drives and deep doubles as Gonzalez will try to force grounders on them.

NYM: Alonso, Lindor, Conforto, Pillar

COL: Cron, McMahon

Updated results


No Hits:

Picks for April 16, 2021

NY Mets @ Colorado Rockies (deGrom vs Gonzalez)

DeGrom is coming off of an extra day of rest thanks to the rainy weather. He should be primed to go in the Mile High city come Friday night. DeGrom has been red hot to start the year so Monty expect huge numbers from the Rockies today. Gonzalez on the other hand should be able to give up some hits in his home stadium. Gonzalez has a problem letting runners get on the base paths which can create problems for his team. Look for the Mets to utilize this to get some nice line drives and deep doubles as Gonzalez will try to force grounders on them.

NYM: Alonso, Lindor, Conforto, Pillar

COL: Cron, McMahon

Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds (Allen vs Hoffman)

This matchup might be pretty similar in term of pitching, so what it could come down to are the bats. I think the edge goes to the Reds since the Indians have been a rocky team as of late and recently got no hitter’d by the White Sox. Look for the Reds to seal the deal late in the game and easily put this one away.

CLE: Hernandez, Reyes, Bauers

CIN: Senzel, Castellanos, Moustakas, Barnhart

Baltimore Orioles @ Texas Rangers (Lopez vs Foltynewicz)

Foltynewicz might be favorite pitcher to pick against right now since I can see the downward decline of his progress ever since he left the Atlanta Braves. Although he remained steady in his previous game with the Padres, he still doesn’t have a win. Lopez for the Orioles has been rough trying to find his footing in his last two starts. Lopez has a tendency to walk batters which might not be so much helpful when determining this game to be a hit hitting game. Orioles should come away with the win here.

BAL: Galvis, Mancini, Severino

TEX: Lowe, Gallo, Tejeda, Kiner-Falefa

Updated Results:

Hits: Hernandez, Bauers, Castellanos, Galvis (4)

No Hits: Senzel, Mancini, Severino, Lowe, Gallo, Tejada, Kiner-Falefa (7)

Picks for April 15, 2021

Toronto Blue Jays @ Kansas City Royals (TBD vs Junis)

Whit Merrifield sliding into 2nd. Whit is ranked in the 86th percentile of all MLB players based on speed. Photo from MLB.com

Royals have been quite an interesting team to watch since they started to “rebuild” after their 2015 championship. Whit Merrifield didn’t make the big leagues in time to experience their last run but he might be able to lead other younger players to that glory. Kansas City sure isn’t a hitting team when it comes to mind but you can’t count them out of it when Merrifield is on the base paths.

For the Blue Jays, after coming off a series win against the Yankees (2-1), this team has something to prove. Centered around the young star Vlad Guerrero Jr, this team has very high hopes to reach the postseason this year. Out of the gate this team ranks in the top ten in both ERA and hit total. Expect the young Jays to come out swinging as Vegas puts the line to 9.5 over/under.

TOR: Semien, Biggio, Gurriel, Guerrero Jr

KCR: Dozier, Merrifield, Benintendi


Hits: Semien, Gurriel, Guerrero Jr, Dozier, Merrifield, Benintendi (6)

No Hits: Biggio (1)

Picks for April 14, 2021

Colorado Rockies @ LA Dodgers (Gray vs May)

You might see us pick the Dodgers a lot during this year and there’s good reason too. Already having the most hits in all of MLB with 108 through only 10 games they are averaging about 11 hits a game. This team believes in their offense and let the pitching coast them into a victory, and we are completely okay with that. It seems like you can’t really go wrong picking the Dodgers on any given game day. The rockies should fare a decent opponent to them but look for most of the hitting come from the home team.

COL: Cron, Story, Blackmon

LAD: Seager, Smith, Pollock, Betts, Barnes

Miami Marlins @ Atlanta Braves (Neidert vs Morton)

Neidert was shodden up mentally in his MLB debut giving up 3 hits and walking 5 in only 4 and 1/3 innings. Morton has ben the definition of being mediocre with only 11 innings pitched so far this year it’s tough to say how he will fare out the rest of the year. I think we will see around 13 hits total for this game.

MIA: Dickerson, Duvall, Alfaro

ATL: Freeman, d’Arnaud, Albies, Swanson


Hits: Cron, Story, Seager, Betts, Barnes, Dickerson, Duvall, Alfaro, Freeman (9)

No Hits: Blackmon, d’Arnaud, Albies, Swanson (4)

Picks for April 8, 2021

Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins (Gonzales vs Berrios)

Seattle’s Gonzales had a very rough opening day which saw him give up numerous home runs. I expect this rocky start to continue for this Seattle team as they find themself going up a buzz saw that is in the Twins offense. As for the Twins this should be a pretty clean cut and dry game at home. Berrios has been pitching very well and expect him to defend the stand in the home opener at Target field. Keep an eye on Seattle’s Trammel, this young stud has moved around a lot in his early career but looking to stand out now that he is in the big leagues.

SEA: Trammel, France

MIN: Buxton, Cruz, Sano, Kepler, Simmons

Milwaukee Brewers @ St. Louis Cardinals (Burnes vs Wainwright)

I chose to highlight this game because the Vegas lines couldn’t really find a decent winner between the two and I think this might be a dead even match up which could come down to later inning pitching or possibly extra innings. I don’t expect there to be a lot of strike outs and most of the balls will be put in play. Look for the tried and true veterans to come up in this matchup.

MIL: Yelich, Hiura, Cain

STL: Arenado, Carpenter, Molina, Goldschmidt

Updated Results

Hits: France, Buxton, Cruz, Sano, Kepler, Simmons, Hiura, Arenado, Molina (9)

No Hits: Trammel, Yelich, Cain, Carpenter (4)

Picks for April 5, 2021

Toronto Blue Jays @ Texas Rangers (Matz vs Foltynewicz)

The Rangers are having their home opener in their new stadium in front of a multitude of fans with a new pitcher this season in Foltynewic, an Ex-Brave who was designated for assignment after just one start last year. Has Folty shaped up since he was last on an MLB mound? For the Blue Jays, Matz is a new comer to the team after having a tenure with the Mets earlier in his career. Guerrero Jr has worked on himself in the off-season and showed up this year with a dramatic weight loss transition looking to make faster runs around the base paths.

TOR: Biggio, Guerrero Jr, Jansen

TEX: Gallo, Holt, Dahl

Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees (Lopez vs Montgomery)

Orioles are off to a hot start after going 3-0 in their first 3 games so far this year. Things might get a little tougher for them when they visit New York to take on the Yankees. Lopez was sporting a 2.75 ERA in Spring Training and hopes to keep that ERA in place when taking on the Yankees. Montgomery, muck like Guerrero Jr, lost weight in the off-season and looks forward to this season and improving his foe’s hitting percentage. Look for the Yankees to go crazy agains the Orioles with multiple hitters getting consecutive hits in this one. Orioles will need to mount an uphill comeback for pose a sliver of a chance.

BAL: Santander, Galvis

NYY: LeMahieu, Hicks, Gardner, Sanchez, Bruce, Frazier

Houston Astros @ LA Angels (Garcia vs Quintana)

Newcomer Louis Garcia is on the mound for the Astros, although taken from a small sample, he has only had 5 hitless innings come in his debut back in 2020. Quintana is the more seasoned pitcher out of the matchup with more experience in the big leagues. He suffered an injury back in 2020 but is fully healed and back for action this season and he couldn’t be more than ready to take on the opposition in his first start this year. I think this matchup should be great, hits should be plenty, possibly over 15 hits total.

HOU: Altuve, Brantley, Alvarez, Diaz, Maldonado

LAA: Ohtani, Rendon, Trout, Suzuki, Fowler

Updated Results:

Hits: Biggio, Guerrero Jr, Holt, Galvis, LeMahieu, Frazier, Altuve, Alvarez, Rendon, Trout, Fowler (11)

No Hits: Jansen, Gallo, Dahl, Hicks, Sanchez, Bruce, Diaz, Maldonado, Suzuki (9)

Picks for April 3, 2021

Houston Astros @ Oakland Athletics (McCullers Jr vs Irvin)

Oakland A’s Irvin won the race in Spring Training to nab the final A’s rotation spot. Although he was very impressive in the Cactus League boasting a 1 ERA within 5 games there’s doubt that that ERA can remain that low when it comes to performing in the real deal. On the other side of the mound we have a pitcher who is coming off a small extension giving him 5 more years to play for the Astros. Although not the most impressive stats he had an ERA of 3.93 in 11 starts last year. Astors are still out to prove themselves from the “cheating” days and they still have a very impressive cast of characters to help them turn the corner on this stain. The A’s always have to prove themselves this year and it starts with taking a win from the Astros after slipping up in their first two games to start the season.

HOU: Altuve, Correa, Brantley

OAK: Olson, Pinder, Andrus, Garcia

LA Dodgers @ Colorado Rockies (Buehler vs Gray)

Is picking the Dodgers cheating? As of late it may seem that way since yesterday EVERY single starting Dodger got a hit. We’re starting to see very nice consistency from this group of guys. The Rockies are going to need to hit against a very tricky Buehler. Its going to be a tough one for the Rockies today.

LAD: Betts, Bellinger, Seager, Turner, Smith

COL: Blackmon, Story, Hampson

Updated Results

Hits: Altuve, Correa, Olson, Seager, Blackmon, Story, Hampson (7)

No Hits: Pinder, Andrus, Garcia, Bellinger (4)

Picks for April 2, 2021

Chicago White Sox @ Los Angeles Angels (Keuchel vs Heaney)

The Chicago White Sox have seemed to turn things around as of late in the past few years. With the progression of Tim Anderson in their farm system he has grown to win the AL Batting Title in 2019 and the Silver Slugger Award in 2020. With other known players like Grandal and Hamilton on the team, this team can definitely grow into a contender down the road sooner rather than later. The LA Angels have been floating in the nether ever season with stars of the likes of Trout and Ohtani. Can they turn it around this year? Possibly, bu the jury is still out to find out, their pitching has been less than consistent. This should be a great matchup to watch.

CWS: Anderson, Hamilton, Abreu

LAA: Pujos, Rendon, Trout, Fowler

Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres (Kelly vs Snell)

Snell is making his new team debut against a hard throwing Merrill Kelly who was a surprising player coming from the Korean baseball league. This should be a pitching duel but should break to the side of the Padres since the all star power hitters on their team can withstand any tricks that Kelly will deal. Look for Hosmer go yard as his hot start gets even hotter.

ARI: Walker, Ahmed, Rojas

SD: Hosmer, Myers, Tatis Jr, Cronenworth, Caratini

Updated Results:

Hits: Anderson, Abreu, Pujos, Trout, Fowler, Hosmer, Myers, Cronenworth, (8)

No Hits: Rendon, Walker, Rojas, Tatis Jr (4)