5 Beat The Streak Tips for Beginners

Beat The Streak is a game created by MLB and MGM that puts baseball junkies knowledge to the ultimate test. MLB is offering 5.6 million, yes MILLION, to anybody who can pick players they chose that can hit 56 hits in a row. In its 18 years in existence no-one has been able to achieve such a feat. Even with later tweaks that creators have made, including the doubling down feature, it still seems like an improbable task. Developing strategies will greatly help your chances of increasing your streak in order to officially Beat The Streak.

Don’t Pick Your Favorites/Hometeam

Its natural human instinct to want to pick a local superstar but your affection for them will ruin your streak in the long run. Everyone has a favorite, maybe you have a shirt in your closet or an autograph up on the mantle but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should pick him in every matchup. Learn to lose the bias on your favorite player fast or find yourself breaking your streak repetitively.

Look At Vegas Lines

Look at the Vegas money line in each matchups during the day. These “lines” might be able to give you a clue as to what is expected to happen during the game. The more the team is favored by money the more Vegas feels comfortable that it will be a blow out. Blow out games usually allows the lineup to bat around against a terrible pitcher. Vegas isn’t always wrong but they’re right most of the time especially with money on the line.

Pay Attention to Hot/Cold Batters

Always check up on who actually has a hitting streak of their own going on at ESPN. But note that the hottest streakers won’t always stay the hottest. If I was picking someone on the list I would pick someone in the middle of the list as they might face less pressure to continue their streak.

Pick Players Against Their Old Teams

This tip is an interesting one as baseball becomes a mental aspect. In front of the plate players seem to have a chip on their shoulder against their former teams. This is documented in many forms and doesn’t matter when away or at home. Earlier this year Bryce Harper absolutely crushed it against his former team the Nationals. Manny Machado crushed had 3 hits in 3 games against his former team the Dodgers earlier this year.

Opposite Hand Pitchers VS Opposite Handed Batters

This one seems practically simple but people still forget to see the simple breakdown. Opposite do attract in this situation, statistically batters have the upper hand in opposite matchups.

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