Picks for April 27, 2021

San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks (Paddack vs Kelly)

Paddack has been underwhelming since his season debut this year, his ERA has risen to 5.5 and his strikeouts are only at 17 in 18 innings. He needs time to find himself in order for people to feel confident in him. Lucky for him his team is extremely confident at the plate. Kelly has recently allowed 3 ERA over 4 innings in his last appearance. Hits galore in this one as I think the Diamondbacks take the edge.

SDP: Tatis, Grisham, Myers, Profar

ARI: Smith, Kelly, Ahmed, Heath, Peralta

Updated results

Hits: Tatis, Grisham, Kelly, Ahmed, Peralta (5)

No Hits: Myers, Profar, Smith, Heath (4)

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