Welcome to the MLB in 2020!

Happy new year visitors and guests! We are just over the half way point where we get some baseball action in spring training. 2019 was a monstorus season involving a team first World Series championship in the nation’s capital. Jomboy Media uncovered a report where the Astros appeared to be cheating in prior seasons and playoffs, and of course we unwraveled here that the baseball has been altered at some point in spring training 2019 and was used to boost performance in 2019. Major signings and new faces in both leagues and many questions to be discovered this season, stay tuned and welcome to 2020!

After coming in the cluth for the World Series, Anthony Rendon signed a huge 7 year/245mil contract for the Angels.

As always we will be strictly focused on relating to MLB’s game Beat The Streak and giving insight and predictions on who YOU should pick!

Picks for August 19, 2019

White Sox @ Twins (Nova vs Gibson)

White Sox are playing spoiler this time of year with a good chance to put a dent in the Twins dominance this year. Twins aren’t going to take any chances of an early wild card exit this postseason so they are going to play well tonight against the White Sox. The main difference between these two teams is the offense. Twins are still red hot at the plate and have a next man up mindset with Jake Cave. White Sox need a shake up but should be able to win a few games before the season is over this year.

CHW: Anderson, Abreu, McCann, Sanchez

MIN: Cave, Polanco, Cron, Castro

Rockies @ Diamondbacks (Gonzalez vs Gallen)

It’s a stretch to count any of these western teams to be in the Wild Card slot(s). Diamondbacks surprisingly have a decent chance to get there with a little bit of luck. Rockies have a tough hill to climb and there must hope that contending teams fall short in some crucial conference games. Diamondbacks should be able to win this one at home with the fans on their side. Diamondbacks have been surprising this season with a “rebuild” going on but still able to add depth like Adam Jones which looks to add power and consistency for this team.

COL: Blackmon, Tapia, Story

ARI: Dyson, Peralta, Marte, Escobar

Picks for August 15, 2019

Its been awhile fans, the season is winding down and the outlooks on the postseason is starting to take shape. After I had previously predicted the Angels might squeeze into the playoff picture it is looking far less likely now. It’s going to be extremely hard for them to catch up after the Oakland A’s have been on a tear lately. Other questions are slowly being answered like NL Rookie of the Year. After the hotly contested debate about Tatis Jr. vs Alonso it looks like Alonso will win after Tatis Jr. has had a few hiccups with injuries and now looks like he is shut down for the season. Red Sox are a hot dumpster fire hading into the final month of the season and will probably look to make some moves to get some prospects. One of the marquee names might be Mookie Betts as he hasn’t been playing up to his contract lately and his numbers slumped compared to last year.

Dodgers @ Marlins (Buehler vs Smith)

Dodgers should be able to breeze by the Marlins in this travel game. Marlins need to look at themselves in the mirror after this season and evaluate what went wrong. On the bright side they do have Yamamoto who looks like a really good ace going forward.

LAD: Bellinger, Turner, Muncy, Verdugo

MIA: Castro, Riddle

Mets @ Braves (Stroman vs Tehran)

Braves have been a surprise most of this season as they made no big splashes in the offseason while their opponents got stronger, primarily the Phillies by landing Bryce Harper. Looks like the patience has paid off for the Braves but they face a tough Mets team that has been blazing after the All-Star break. Mets will need to keep the momentum to catch up to the Nationals which are ahead of them.

ATL: Freeman, Albies, Acuna, Donaldson

NYM: Conforto, Alonso, Nido, Frazier

Updated Results

Hits: Bellinger, Muncy, Castro, Freeman, Albies, Acuna, Donaldson, Conforto, Alonso. (9)

No Hits: Turner (1)

No AB’s/NIL: Verdugo, Riddle, Nido, Frazier

Picks for August 5, 2019

The tides are turning in a few divisional races. We can safely say for now that in the National League the Dodgers will own the NL West crown. Braves are likely to come out the victor with Phillies and Nationals and even the Mets are in play for the wild card scenario. With most of the scheduling and games remaining with gams played against the three teams if one doesn’t start a big streak soon the Braves can safely win the NL East. NL Central is still up for grabs for most teams except for the Pirates as they are seriously lagging behind and I can’t see them catching up. In the AL, Astros are looking really good with their newly acquired pitcher being part of a no hitter against the Mariners. Oakland is nipping on their heels but its no doubt for the Astros to continue their dominance over the division. AL Central has two teams eyeing the division, the long time leading Twins and the Indians gaining traction from the trade deadline. This race should extend all the way to the end of the season with a slight edge to the Indians winning the AL Central. Twins will have to notch the Wild Card and fight an uphill battle. AL East has seemingly kicked out the Red Sox after the Rays and now Yankees smoked them in the most recent series. They now face an improbable permutation on winning the AL East. Yankees have had pitching woes but it shouldn’t be much trouble as they are able to put up runs in a heartbeat.

Red Sox fans explaining on how they can win the AL East… still. It’s not probable, at all, even with 50 games left.

Marlins @ Mets (Dugger vs deGrom) GAME 1

Dugger finally gets the call to the majors today and looks to show case his 3.83 ERA from the minors. Unfortunately he faces off against the surging Mets who look to take an easy win from him today in game 1 of the double header. Miami is now calling it quits for this season and now giving their prospects a hard look going forward.

MIA: Castro, Alfaro

NYM: Alonso, Davis, Conforto, Frazier

Angels @ Reds (Sandoval vs Castillo)

Both teams are trending downward and at this time both have a chance to make the postseason if they turn things around starting this series. Reds have a slim chance to win the division but the Angels could be a force as a wild card team with Trout and Ohtani in the lineup. Angels starting pitcher will make his starting debut so its hard to base this game on minor league stats but they should come out on top here. Maybe next year Reds fans?

LAA: Trout, Goodwin, Upton

CIN: Votto, Winker, Peraza

Updated Results

Hits: Castro, Alonso, Winker, Peraza, Votto, Trout (6)

No Hits: Alfaro, Davis, Conforto, Frazier, Upton (5)

No AB’s/NIL: Goodwin

Picks for August 3, 2019

I was off about the Diamondbacks yesterday as they managed to only get one hit off of the Nationals. Nationals themselves are showing a strong sign that they have what it takes to run for the NL East. Red Sox are pushed to the cusp for the AL East title after Yankees beat them in the Bronx. Rockies Dahl suffered a nasty injury last night after turning his ankle in a weird play. He was later carted off the field, his teammates pulled together for the win after his departure.

Colorado Rockies All-Star outfielder David Dahl suffered an apparent leg injury during Friday’s game – Yahoo Sports.

White Sox @ Phillies (Detwiler vs Nola)

White Sox took the Phillies to extra innings where they lost in a 14 inning effort. Phillies are now outside of the club looking in on the party. Phillies are also pushed to the brink for their shot for the NL East. A couple more losses here and the chance for NL East will push them out and they will only have a chance at the hotly contested NL Wild Cards. Expect the Phillies to bounce back here today behind their ace Nola.

CHW: Anderson, Abreu, McCann.

PHI: Realmuto, Harper, Segura, Hoskins, Kingery

Blue Jays @ Orioles (Pannone vas Bundy)

Ah yes, our favorite pitcher is once again taking the mound and this time at home. Dylan Bundy (5-11) should NOT be pitching in the MLB level at all. I feel sorry for all of the player on the Orioles that have to compete with him on the mound. Toronto wins this one easily. Lots of hits for Toronto and an easy outing for Pannone to pick up a win. Good time for the rookies to show out in this one. If Baltimore wins this one it’ll be a miracle.

TOR: Gurrero Jr, Gurriel, Biggio, Galvis, Grichuk, Jansen

BAL: Davis, Nunez, Santander, Villar

Updated Results

Hits: Anderson, Harper, Hoskins, Guerrero Jr, Gurriel, Galvis, Villar (7)

No Hits: Abreu, Segura, Grichuk, Davis, Nunez, Santander (6)

No AB’s/NIL: McCann, Realmuto, Kingery, Biggio, Jansen (5)

Picks for August 2, 2019

Are the Dodgers guaranteed to make the World Series again this year? After last nights game it’s certain that they should and not many teams can matchup with them offensively. Last night it was a show for the ages as the Dodgers’ Will Smith (no, not the actor) crushed a Grand Slam to give LA the win at 8-2.

Red Sox are going through serious struggles as thy take on the Yankees in a four game series. The results of this series may determine if the Red Sox can catch up with the Yankees to compete for the AL East.

Nationals @ Diamondback (Ross vs Young)

Diamondbacks are home after coming on the heels of rumors of a relocation. Which is surprising because they are one of the newest franchises in MLB. I don’t think they have an attendance problem in particular but this news is quite interesting. Nationals are in town and pose as a serious threat to the D-Backs. Ross is boasting an ERA of 9 so it is giving Arizona a chance. Washington is going to come up clutch behind Soto’s full season performance this year.

WSH: Soto, Suzuki, Rendon, Robles

ARI: Peralta, Jones, Kelly

Giants @ Rockies (Anderson vs Lambert)

This game really doesn’t mean that much for these two teams as they are facing a mountain of a challenge to climb for the Wild Card spots. Giants decided to hold onto Bumgarner even though they are going through a rebuild. Most of the veterans on the Giants have a couple of years left so it will be interesting to see what moves in the offseason that some of the guys will make as they look at their remaining career years left. Rockies have been disappointing this year as they were projected to be number 2 in the NL West.

SFG: Sandoval, Belt, Yastrzemski

COL: Tapia, McMahon, Blackmon, Murphy

Updated Results

Hits: Soto, Sandoval, Belt, Yastrzemski, McMahon, Blackmon, Murphy (7)

No Hits: Rendon, Robles, Peralta, Jones, Kelly, Tapia (6)

No AB’s/NIL: Suzuki (1)