Baseball is back… for now?

No one could have predicted the tumultuous year that would turn out to be 2020 so far. As far as the sports world goes, we have had many other sports league pause their seasons for a very long time with doubt and uncertainty lingering in the air. For the first time since World War 2, sports have taken the backseat while people from across the world brace for what would be a pandemic that very quickly swept the nation. MLB, like other sports leagues knew that it was still important for them to play even though fans couldn’t come to the game. It just gives people something to look forward to and to cheer on in these excruciating hard times that we currently live in.

Now that a few games have been played, it seems like the MLB could make do with their planned “60 game” shortened season even with some hiccups with “non-bubble” type events like the majority of the Marlins team catching the virus and causing delays for other teams that were meant to play them. Even last night we saw minor scuffles happen between the Astros and Dodgers that put the two teams closer than the CDC recommended “6 feet” recommended rule. Between the pumped in noise, the odd cut out of fans behind the home plate, and the lack of physical celebration baseball is indeed back in (modified) business.

Coors Field sits empty

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