August 23, 2022 – $1233.99

After losing some steam on a parlay earlier we took a step back to look at the damage.
OVER 7.5 – Braves & Pirates & SF Giants ML
I think the Braves come out unloading on offense and really bruise up the Pirates. Pirates have been giving up a lot of runs, especially on JT Brubakers terrible ERA stat line at 4.19. Braves might get 8 runs by themselves.

The Giants are surprisingly on the hunt for a wild card and should easily win this one in Detroit, let the lefty Rodon prevail.

STAKE – $200 to return $537.20. REMAINING BALANCE: $1033.99

August 12, 2022 – $1,000

Starting fresh, let’s play ball! We are taking a small parlay on the Padres and the Dodgers ML.

Padres beating up against Juan Soto’s old team should be a great pick as he will sure give some revenge to his old ball club. Nationals are in a really bad hole for themselves and have essentially thrown in the towel this season. At this point, the “Nat’s” are playing for whatever pride is remaining.

Dodgers vs Royals seems to be an easy feat to overcome. Love the Dodgers money line when parlayed. It should honestly be cheating when picking 2 NL West teams together as a parlay as the postseason chase heats up down the stretch and every game matters.

BET $250 TO COLLECT $518.11. BALANCE: $750

2022 – Fresh start and something new

Hi folks, long time no blog. It has been tough to keep up with the website along with a personal day job but I will try to rehash this as something different. Although the aim is still try to talk and analyze the prospect of fantasy in the terms baseball, I will now start to aim to make “paper bets” on a journey to $1 million dollars from a small denomination.

Picks for April 28, 2021

Washington Nationals @ Toronto Blue Jays (Fedde vs Matz)

Fedde has an ERA of 5.51 in his three decisions this year meanwhile Matz has been on fire as he’s 4-0 in his starts this year. Blue Jays have ben power hitting as of late so look for some of that to carry over into this game. Nationals need to play smart to overcome this one. Vegas has this game as a 9.5 over/under.

WSH: Zimmerman, Castro, Bell

TOR: Guerrero Jr, Biggio, Panik, Jansen

New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles (German vs Kremer)

Two pitchers struggling along with two teams as a whole who are in a lump, could make for another good game to pick from. Over/under is around 9.5, hitters like Mullins have been on fire, this one could be a barnstormer and not even worry some about pitchers. If I were a pitcher I might want to sit this one out.

NYY: Judge, Torres, Gardner

BAL: Mullins, Mancini, Stewart, Valaika

Updated results


No Hits:

Picks for April 27, 2021

San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks (Paddack vs Kelly)

Paddack has been underwhelming since his season debut this year, his ERA has risen to 5.5 and his strikeouts are only at 17 in 18 innings. He needs time to find himself in order for people to feel confident in him. Lucky for him his team is extremely confident at the plate. Kelly has recently allowed 3 ERA over 4 innings in his last appearance. Hits galore in this one as I think the Diamondbacks take the edge.

SDP: Tatis, Grisham, Myers, Profar

ARI: Smith, Kelly, Ahmed, Heath, Peralta

Updated results

Hits: Tatis, Grisham, Kelly, Ahmed, Peralta (5)

No Hits: Myers, Profar, Smith, Heath (4)

Picks for April 26, 2021

New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles (Garcia vs Harvey)

I know what you are going to say “picking on the Orioles again?” Well when Vegas hands you a 9 over/under and out of the rest of the matchups this seems like a good fit. Both of these teams are sitting at the bottom or near the bottom of their respective division. I think Yankees get the job done today but its not exactly a sure bet as the Orioles have proven to be a scrappy team as of late. I think the Yankees will beat up on Harvey. Both starting pitchers will be out by late in the fourth inning or fifth and that’s when the game gets blown wide open. Mullins has been red hot for Baltimore this year so far.

NYY: Stanton, LeMahieu, Judge, Frazier

BAL: Mullins, Urias, Severino, Stewart, Hays

Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros (Sheffield vs Urquidy)

I have been paying attention lately to the offensive power the Astros have been putting up 23 runs in the past 3 games combined. “Cheating” or not, these Astros can hit against the best pitchers in the league. Astros are going up against a rare foe in Sheffield who has only faced them once in his career and held them to 1 ER in 6 innings. I’d be very surprised if he can repeat the same performance. Urquidy for the Astros is going to need some help as been known to give up a handful of runs on the mound. This seems like a perfect hitter friendly scenario to pick from.

SEA: France, Haniger, Trammell, Crawford

HOU: Brantley, Correa Maldonado

Updated results

Hits: Stanton, Judge, Mullins, Severino, France, Trammell, Crawford, Brantley, Correa. (9)

No Hits: LeMahieu, Frazier, Urias, Stewart, Hays, Haniger, Maldonado. (7)

Picks for April 24, 2021

Philadelphia Phillies @ Colorado Rockies (Nola vs Senzatela)

This series is turning out to be a good one. 22 hits in the last game, lets pick it again for a great game for hitters up at Coors Field. Vegas has pinned this game at 10 over/under so heads up for the flying balls. I’m giving the overall outcome edge to the Rockies since his high ERA and low strikeout count.

PHI: Harper, McCutchen, Hoskin, Maton

COL: Tapia, Cron, Hampson, Blackmon, Diaz

Oakland Athletics @ Baltimore Orioles (Bassit vs LeBlanc)

The Orioles are turning out to be a surprising team that appeared to be dead in the water at the beginning of the season. The bats have woken up and seem to be fighting back and holding their own against some decent pitchers in the MLB. The Athletics have always been mediocre so it should be interesting to watch them this season to see if they can get further than a Wild Card game and prove that the movie Moneyball was right all along. I think with a decent hitting lineup they have this year they might have the chance to do it.

OAK: Laureano, Olson, Moreland

BAL: Galvis, Mancini, Mullins, Ruiz

Updated results

Hits: Harper, McCutchen, Hoskins, Maton, Tapia, Cron, Hampson, Diaz, Laureano, Olson, Galvis, Mancini, Mullins (13)

No Hits: Blackmon, Moreland, Ruiz (3)

Picks for April 23, 2021

Philadelphia Phillies @ Colorado Rockies (Velasquez vs Marquez)

This game had a surprising 10.5 over/under which cannot be ignored especially when the Rockies are playing at home. Velasquez has only pitched a total of 4 innings this year so his stats haven’t evened out, allowing 3 hits. Marquez has been a middle of the pack pitcher who almost has as many hits given as strikeouts. Again for baseball playing in Colorado you have to pick from this game.

PHI: Harper, Gregorius, Realmuto, Joyce

COL: Tapia, McMahon, Story

San Diego Padres @ LA Dodgers (Darvish vs Kershaw)

Ready for a Friday night fight night? Grab your popcorn this one will be good. Along with an old fashioned rivalry, You Darvish is facing his former team when he pitches off to LA. The over/under is low for this matchup but you can’t underestimate the passion that both of these teams play for. Expect this one to possibly go into extra innings.

SDP: Grisham, Cronenworth, Tatis, Machado

LAD: Seager, Turner, Pollock, Muncy

Updated results

Hits: Realmuto, Tapia, McMahon, Story, Grisham, Tatis, Machado, Muncy (8)

No Hits: Harper, Gregorius, Cronenworth, Seager, Turner, Pollock (6)