Picks for April 24, 2021

Philadelphia Phillies @ Colorado Rockies (Nola vs Senzatela)

This series is turning out to be a good one. 22 hits in the last game, lets pick it again for a great game for hitters up at Coors Field. Vegas has pinned this game at 10 over/under so heads up for the flying balls. I’m giving the overall outcome edge to the Rockies since his high ERA and low strikeout count.

PHI: Harper, McCutchen, Hoskin, Maton

COL: Tapia, Cron, Hampson, Blackmon, Diaz

Oakland Athletics @ Baltimore Orioles (Bassit vs LeBlanc)

The Orioles are turning out to be a surprising team that appeared to be dead in the water at the beginning of the season. The bats have woken up and seem to be fighting back and holding their own against some decent pitchers in the MLB. The Athletics have always been mediocre so it should be interesting to watch them this season to see if they can get further than a Wild Card game and prove that the movie Moneyball was right all along. I think with a decent hitting lineup they have this year they might have the chance to do it.

OAK: Laureano, Olson, Moreland

BAL: Galvis, Mancini, Mullins, Ruiz

Updated results

Hits: Harper, McCutchen, Hoskins, Maton, Tapia, Cron, Hampson, Diaz, Laureano, Olson, Galvis, Mancini, Mullins (13)

No Hits: Blackmon, Moreland, Ruiz (3)

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