Picks for April 23, 2021

Philadelphia Phillies @ Colorado Rockies (Velasquez vs Marquez)

This game had a surprising 10.5 over/under which cannot be ignored especially when the Rockies are playing at home. Velasquez has only pitched a total of 4 innings this year so his stats haven’t evened out, allowing 3 hits. Marquez has been a middle of the pack pitcher who almost has as many hits given as strikeouts. Again for baseball playing in Colorado you have to pick from this game.

PHI: Harper, Gregorius, Realmuto, Joyce

COL: Tapia, McMahon, Story

San Diego Padres @ LA Dodgers (Darvish vs Kershaw)

Ready for a Friday night fight night? Grab your popcorn this one will be good. Along with an old fashioned rivalry, You Darvish is facing his former team when he pitches off to LA. The over/under is low for this matchup but you can’t underestimate the passion that both of these teams play for. Expect this one to possibly go into extra innings.

SDP: Grisham, Cronenworth, Tatis, Machado

LAD: Seager, Turner, Pollock, Muncy

Updated results

Hits: Realmuto, Tapia, McMahon, Story, Grisham, Tatis, Machado, Muncy (8)

No Hits: Harper, Gregorius, Cronenworth, Seager, Turner, Pollock (6)

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