Picks for April 26, 2021

New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles (Garcia vs Harvey)

I know what you are going to say “picking on the Orioles again?” Well when Vegas hands you a 9 over/under and out of the rest of the matchups this seems like a good fit. Both of these teams are sitting at the bottom or near the bottom of their respective division. I think Yankees get the job done today but its not exactly a sure bet as the Orioles have proven to be a scrappy team as of late. I think the Yankees will beat up on Harvey. Both starting pitchers will be out by late in the fourth inning or fifth and that’s when the game gets blown wide open. Mullins has been red hot for Baltimore this year so far.

NYY: Stanton, LeMahieu, Judge, Frazier

BAL: Mullins, Urias, Severino, Stewart, Hays

Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros (Sheffield vs Urquidy)

I have been paying attention lately to the offensive power the Astros have been putting up 23 runs in the past 3 games combined. “Cheating” or not, these Astros can hit against the best pitchers in the league. Astros are going up against a rare foe in Sheffield who has only faced them once in his career and held them to 1 ER in 6 innings. I’d be very surprised if he can repeat the same performance. Urquidy for the Astros is going to need some help as been known to give up a handful of runs on the mound. This seems like a perfect hitter friendly scenario to pick from.

SEA: France, Haniger, Trammell, Crawford

HOU: Brantley, Correa Maldonado

Updated results

Hits: Stanton, Judge, Mullins, Severino, France, Trammell, Crawford, Brantley, Correa. (9)

No Hits: LeMahieu, Frazier, Urias, Stewart, Hays, Haniger, Maldonado. (7)

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