Picks for April 28, 2021

Washington Nationals @ Toronto Blue Jays (Fedde vs Matz)

Fedde has an ERA of 5.51 in his three decisions this year meanwhile Matz has been on fire as he’s 4-0 in his starts this year. Blue Jays have ben power hitting as of late so look for some of that to carry over into this game. Nationals need to play smart to overcome this one. Vegas has this game as a 9.5 over/under.

WSH: Zimmerman, Castro, Bell

TOR: Guerrero Jr, Biggio, Panik, Jansen

New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles (German vs Kremer)

Two pitchers struggling along with two teams as a whole who are in a lump, could make for another good game to pick from. Over/under is around 9.5, hitters like Mullins have been on fire, this one could be a barnstormer and not even worry some about pitchers. If I were a pitcher I might want to sit this one out.

NYY: Judge, Torres, Gardner

BAL: Mullins, Mancini, Stewart, Valaika

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